Artisand is owned and operated by glass artists Katrina and Jason van Domburgh.  We mix and distribute Gaffer Glass batch for glassblowers and artisans throughout Australasia.
Our Standard mix is available in 25kg bags, or in Artisandbags, 5kg combustible packaging, for safe to handle,  DUST FREE BATCH!
See "Gaffer Batch Varieties" for more details.

We currently supply to glass studios in Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Korea, Japan and Singapore.
Our factory is located in Castlemaine, Central Victoria, Australia, and is about 1km from our studio in Muckleford.  All we mix is Gaffer batch, so there is no risk of cross contamination of chemicals, leading to inconsistant glass.  Each tonne of batch is meticulously weighed and sieved, removing impurities and ensuring great glass, every time.

If you're not familiar with or haven't had the pleasure of working with Gaffer batch, we suggest you visit (if you haven't allready), the Gaffer Glass web site at, to read about the specific characteristics and advantages of using batch mixed to the Gaffer batch recipe.
Artisand Standard grade Gaffer batch is our most popular batch.  It melts a high clarity glass with exceptional working properties, including a long working time and a 'softness' to work with which you'll be surpised with, particularly if you have ever had to use cullet.
Gaffer Standard batch uses locally sourced silica and minerals.  To help keep our price low, we order our silica by the full semi-trailer load, stored in bulka bags to keep out impurities.

We take great care with each batch we make, and pride ourselves on accuracy when sieving and weighing chemicals.  It takes a considerable amount of time for us to prepare your batch, we don't aim for speed, we aim for consistancy and accuracy.  Our equiptment is calibrated to within 10 grams for most chemicals, making the glass as close to Gaffer specifications as possible.
We pack our batch in easy and safe to handle, 25 kg poly lined paper bags.

Artisandbags are our DUST FREE batch option.  Each artisandbag contains just over 5kg of Standard grade Gaffer glass batch that we all know and love to use.

The great thing sbout these bags is that they are designed to be loaded in your furnace as they are, packaging included.  The bag burns away, leaving no residue in the glass, and best of all, no dust in your studio!

These bags are safe to handle and easy to load.
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